XP Tutorials  - XP's are dlls that add functionality to Campaign Cartographer 2.  Nearly every little function beyond the most basic have been added via an XP.  The following tutorials are for developers who wish to enter into this new realm of programming

Tutorial #1: Setting up Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition to complile Win32 Apps.


Tutorial #2: Setting Up Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition to create your first CC2 XP.


Tutorial #3: Creating our first .Net Framework CC2 XP.


Tutorial #4: Creating our first C# / C++ Crossover XP.


Tutorial #5: Starting to build a GUI version of the LIST command.





Who am I and (for those that remember me) what ever happened to me - I've been a user of CC2 since 1998. Before that I even dabbled with the DOS version. I started out like most everyone else does: Working on my gaming world. I quickly finished the land portion of my first map and started walking through the symbol catalogs looking for things to add to it to help duplicate the artistic look of an ancient map. I found very little.

Never being one to decline a chalenge, I proceeded to start drawing cartouches. Since I wanted an ancient look to my maps, I went directly to the source for example cartouches and precceded to translate my selections into CC2. During this process I found other things that really beautifull old maps contained that I wanted on my maps as well so I started to translate them as well.

Mark and Simon at ProFantasy noticed my rather primitive efforts and thought I may be of some use to them in translating some oringinal artwork into symbols for City Designer 2. For months I worked at gothic buildings, shanties and (I still have nightmares about these) orc huts.

And as I was working on all of this I started to realize that as great as CC2 was, there seemed to be some tools that were missing from toolbox. Like there was no way to combine to separate paths into a single path, so I wrote the CMB command. With this command under my belt as well as a few others (LTP, RANDOM, FLP, ...) Mark and Simon asked me if I wanted to program a few more commands for them. From this relationship came most the fractal commands, ATTC, ESC, REDN, ...

I was then presented with the "Master Mapper" award for 1999. Meanwhile, my wife and I purchased a farm. The house and outbuildings needed tons of remodeling. I had just started a new job as a lead software engineer and I started to experience back trouble that ended almost eight months later with a Lumbar Discectomy. Wow, that was a lot happening in my life in a very short amount of time. And like what normally happens when a person is pulled in tons of different directions, I burned out. By 2001 I was just a name that only the old-timers on the CC2 mailing list remembered.

Now that's not to say that I've been competely out of touch with the CC2 community. I've kept in contact with the CHMP team and I'd skimmed the CC2 mailing list from time to time. But, this limited contact was far from the center of the action that I'd previously been in.

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